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Rosie runs 4, 5 and 6 week courses to build strength, mobility and flexibility across the whole body.

There are 10 classes each week in several different locations that people may subscribe to.


Tuesday 09:00 Oakham Bowls Club LE15 6JQ

Tuesday 10:30 Oakham Bowls Club LE15 6JQ

Tuesday 11:45 Oakham Bowls Club LE15 6JQ

Tuesday 17:15 Exton Village Hall LE15 8AS

Tuesday 18:30 Cuckoo Barn Studio LE15 8BA


Thursday 09:15 Tinwell Village Hall PE9 3UF

Thursday 11:00 Glapthorne Village Hall PE8 5BE

Thursday 12:15 Glapthorne Village Hall PE8 5BE 

Thursday 17:15 Exton Village Hall LE15 8AS

Thursday 18:30 Exton Village Hall LE15 8AS

- Rosie’s Class Equipment -

Chi Ball – using acupuncture points of the body

Physio Ball – spine instability & core abdominal muscles*

Circles & Bands - muscle strength & endurance

Roller – Lengthens & strengthens muscles

Wobble board – mobility, flexibility & balance

Poles and blocks – Total body alignment

Gliders - Strength & stability

* Please bring your own matt and pilates ball (optional for some classes), Rosie will supply the rest.


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