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Unique to You

Private Classes are available on request throughout the year in our privately owned fully equipped family studio. 

The classes are specifically tailored to suit every situation and ability level. 
The cost of individual prescriptive class is £45​.

Small groups of up to eight people can be arranged.

Rosie’s Pilates Equipment 

  • CHI BALL: Using the acupuncture points of the body

  • PHYSIO BALL: Balance and core strength using the stabilising muscles of the torso.

  • CIRCLE: Provides resistance in an exercise, giving the body feedback as to where muscles are being used.

  • BANDS: To improve muscle endurance as well as to lengthen muscles and improve flexibility.

  • FOAM ROLLER: Self massage & myofascial release to break up trigger points and sooth tight fascia.

  • WOBBLE BOARD: To improve proprioception & functional strength.

  • WOODEN POLE: To help with postural alignment.

  • PILATES TOWER: A whole body workout; isolation, flow. advancement, stretch, core.

  • MALIBU PILATES CHAIR: Improve; balance, posture, flexion, extension, strength, metabolic function, mood and energy.

  • GLIDING DISK: Promote increased strength and joint stability.

Take a look at our tranquil and private, yet easily accessible location via Google Maps

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